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Value Preposition

“A Journey to success”

Our Value Proposition

Our Mission is to introduce a no-compromise model; one in which our Clients discover there needn’t be a choice between Price, Technology and Service.

  • • Flexibility is the Key: Solutions; No Two Clients are same No more of this Cookie Cutter approach to business. No two companies are the same, so we don’t believe in a ‘standard’ offering. We analyse, strategise and build a service you actually want; not just an off the shelf solution.
  • • Supplier Relationships : To secure Maximum Value for our Clients Contacts are imperative and due to our combined years of successful careers, we’re armed with enviable industry contacts & relationships. Lionel will ensure maximum value to all its customers based on individual needs and our expertise.
  • • Comprehensive Account Management: Keep Clients perpetually in Motion Strategic, detailed & informative open line communication to keep you in the loop. Our transparent & open discussions will make you both comfortable & enthused for innovative actions for best results.
  • • Training & Support: We’re with you every step of the Way Don’t be left in the Dark. Our ongoing support & training for our suite of Travel Technology will help get you on track to using our systems effectively. The more contented& Comfortable your travellers are, the stronger our relationship be.
  • • Technology: Innovative & Extensive SuiteInvest, integrate and deliver the value of technology solutions to make sure that you get transparency, speed and accuracy for travel purchase& experience. Also making sure that we keep an eye on global technology trends with the help of our Global network to adapt change faster than our peers in market.
  • • Accountability: We treat your Business like it is our own The biggest benefit in dealing with Lionel is that we stay Accountable. Your account is critical to us, so we treat your business and the success of your travel program like it is our own. No Excuses, Just best Solutions.
  • • Transparency : Honesty is the Best Policy Simply put ‘We are not just here for a Good time, we’re here for a Long time.’ Transparency & trust in our Services is paramount to our ongoing relationship, and Lionel should be viewed as a direct extension of your team.
  • • We’re Glocal: Suppliers & local expertise Lionel India is a part of a Global Alliance called Travel Solutions International (TSI), through which we have 40 partners across the globe. As our Client you get the benefit in Pricing, technology, global practices yet retain local personalised Service & Accountability.
  • • Policy & Procedure Enhancing your travel policy We’ve seen them all!! Let us draw on our Knowledge & Experience with Varied & Complex travel Policies, and Offer our advice on yours. Just as Technology changes daily, so does the Travel industry and with that could come some Crucial Policy improvements.
  • • Hybrid of Online & Offline Travel Purchase Managing corporate travel in this technology driven, multinational, traveler driver world can be complex. We at Lionel India pride ourselves on having the right people equipped with right technology, in the right places and with the right skills to deliver the perfect solution for you.