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From: keya sengupta [mailto:k.sengupta@texmaco.in]
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2013 2:37 PM
To: 'dipayan'
Subject: Feedback- PANORAMIC EUROPE
We had the pleasure of enjoying the holidays in Europe,  arranged by M/s. Lionel India,  Thru' Star Tour, London. Name of the package was PANORAMIC  EUROPE, with a duration of  4 days covering Brussels, Belgium, Black Forest, Germany, Switzerland and Paris. The tour guide was Mr. Kersus.
We have thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Mr. Kersus has the unique talent to explain the historical background as well as the present status of each and every place, in a very easy and understandable language.
The hotels where we stayed were superb, and the food served during the trip were extremely good. 
Last, but not the least, we are grateful to Mr. Depayan of M/s. Lionel India for rendering us every possible help to make our complete trip that is  Dubai -London - Europe, very smooth and enjoyable.
We would like to undertake more trips, arranged by Lionel India, in future.
Keya Sengupta (India Steamship Ltd.)
Partha Sengupta



From: arvind kapur [arvindkapur@rasiseeds.com]
Sent: Friday, May 17, 2013 6:11 PM

To: Suman Mallick
Subject: Welcome Back

Dear Suman,

First of all thanks for the successfully conducting the trip to Switzerland.

I am impressed by the professional approach of the Lionel India in conducting such trips. They are handling clients with smile and service approach. They take care of every need of the client during the trips and support them in every aspect. I was particularly impressed when one of our dealer got hurt and Mr. Suman immediately took all steps to get him the best help. These approaches really distinguish Lionel from others. Keep it up and continuously serve the clients and you will be the best sought after travel solution provider in the industry.


Dr. Arvind Kapur

Vegetable Seed Division
Rasi Seeds (P) Ltd.

From: atanu.sarkar@wipro.com [atanu.sarkar@wipro.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 2:48 PM
To: indranisharma@lionelindia.com
Subject: Package for Malaysia

Hello Indrani,

I have no words to express my gratitude towards you and your esteemed organization. We have enjoyed the trip a lot.

The logistics was well arranged. We haven’t faced any delays.

The hotels were wonderful. We had a pleasant stay at Kualalampur, Genting and Prenang.

The site tours were also good.

The guides and contact persons were very friendly and helpful.

Thanks again for all your co-operation and arranging for the trip within such a short span of time.

Best regards,


Senior Project Engg.
Wipro Technologies, Kolkata

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