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Pre-Travel Checklist:

Our Packing Checklists and Pre-Travel Tips:

The team here at Getaways For Girls has assembled our short and simple "bare essential" set of items for our Packing Checklist and Pre-Travel Tips so you can start planning your pre-travel arrangements at a more leisurely pace than headache and panic the night before you leave. Remember to travel light, chances are that if you don't use a particular item at home you probably wont use it touring either.

What to do before you leave home:

General Home Preparation:

Water plants before leaving home or arrange for a neighbor to care for them while you're away.

Unplug any appliances sensitive to power surges, such as computers, microwaves, and television sets.

Dial your thermostat up or down to match the temperature of the season.

Stop all home delivery services (mail, newspaper, milk, diapers, and so on) or arrange to have item picked
   up by a neighbor.

Arrange for pet care at a kennel or in your home.

Mow the lawn if necessary.


Lock all windows and doors securely and remove any keys hidden outside the house.

Tell neighbors that you'll be away and how they can reach you in an emergency.

Turn on telephone answering machine. You may want to change the message on your answering machine
   at work to let your business contacts know you are out of town.

Set lights and a radio on timers. Turn up the radio loud enough to be heard outside.

Close blinds and curtains.


Make sure to turn off LPG cylinder.

Store food in your freezer to prevent running to the grocery store as soon as you return home.

Remove perishable items from your refrigerator.

Empty all waste baskets.

Run the garbage disposal to eliminate the possibility of unpleasant odors.

Wash the dishes. (You'll be sorry when you come back if you forget this!)

Getting Your Car Ready:

Check your spare tire and jack to ensure they are both in working order.

Check oil level; tire pressure and coolant level.

Fill windshield cleaner fluid bottle.

Pack a first aid kit into the trunk.

Personal Preparation:

Schedule a medical check-up before the trip. Ask your doctor about necessary vaccinations, and have any
   medical procedures done before you go.

Update any personal identification so that it contains current information and photograph.

Pick up cash, change, and traveler's checks at the bank.

Order your foreign currency from Bon Vivant Travel.

Get a telephone calling card and take it with you.

Fill out and send in your tax return form if you will be out of town at the deadline.

Fill out an absentee voter form if you will be out of town at election time.

Tell your friends where they can write to you at your vacation or out-of-town address.

Pay the rent and other bills. If you'll be gone for an extended period of time, arrange for a friend or relative
   to pay the bills.

Wash clothes that you're not packing so that you'll have a clean set of clothes at home when you return
   from your trip.

Break in new shoes to prevent blisters.

Sanity Savers:

Make a "fun bag" for each child and include games, books, toys, a tape player with headphones, and snacks.

Purchase postcard stamps and take with you.

Print address labels of people to send postcards to. It's much lighter to carry a sheet of labels than your
   address book.

Checklist One, Pre-Travel Tips - Things To Do:


Travel insurance and read the fine print.

Procedure if a travel insurance issue occurs i.e. contact comp gets police report.

Credit card dates are valid and ample funds.

Card cash, credit and limit details of your credit cards for relevant countries.

ATMs your card works with and what to do if you have carded or ATM trouble.

Remember your PIN numbers.

Mobile phone roaming enabled, available, and costs.

Passport is valid for travel dates.

Vaccinations up to date.

Camera/camcorder functions, and memory has sufficient storage capacity.

Power plug adapter.

Baggage is sound and lockable.

Medical prescription requirements and reserves.


Travel insurance medical assistance instructions.

Travel insurance details and policy number.

Credit card numbers and lost card numbers.

Passport details.

Mobile Phone Company contact numbers.

Camera, Computer, Camcorder serial numbers.

Required travel documents.

Friends home phone numbers.

Itinerary and airline tickets.

Photos and list of all things going into your baggage.

NOTE: Email yourself copies or photos of these documents so they can be retrieved later if required

Jobs To Do:

Purchase travel insurance, ESSENTIAL.

Go for a walk daily to get ready for your adventure.

Enlist someone to take care of pets.

Organise for mail to be collected or held at your post office.

Leave a copy of documents with someone at home.

Apply identification to your baggage inside and out.

Attach baggage id tags.

Obtain suitable baggage locks.

Check your primary shoes are sound.

Purchase foreign cash.

Confirm your flights.

Cancel any regular deliveries like newspapers.

Empty perishables from your fridge.

Turn off all electricals and computers before you leave.

Checklist Two, Packing - Essential Things To Take:


Paste and floss
Nail clippers
Hair brush


First aid kit
Insect repellent
Cold sore cream
Cold/flu tablets
Lip balm

Touring Bag:

Small sturdy day pack or bag to carry Camera, Reading material, Phrase book, Water, Snacks, Sundry
Light raincoat
Pen and notebook
Travel wallet for receipts

Just in case:

Swiss Army type knife with- Tweezers, Corkscrew, Scissors, Bottle opener
   NOTE: all utensils must be checked through in baggage.
Sewing kit
Super glue (why not)
Twist tie cloths line
Zip lock plastic bags for wet/leaking items


Alarm clock
LED torch
Mobile phone and charger
Camera and Camcorder, with media and charger


Suitable reliable shoes for activities


Bag for laundry
Swim togs

Bon Voyage and don't be late for your pickup.

Download Pre-Travel Checklist.


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