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Lionel India was established in Kolkata by Dr. K. K. Birla as a Full Service Travel Company in 1974, is now wholly owned Poddar Group of Companies under the brand name of ADVENTZ with a primary focus on Corporate Travel Management. The company currently operates from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Bhubaneswar with its headquarters in Kolkata, Sales office at Gurgaon and several client onsite locations. All main offices are International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited, which is a standard requirement for trade in our industry.


Why Us?

The Lionel India network across India allows us to reach and respond locally to provide customer specific solutions for managing your business travel needs where, when, and how you require it.

Lionel India Limited's approach to travel management is to take a macro perspective to your travel program rather than view issues in isolation. Our intent would be to work to achieve the overall aims and objectives of the client. Our experience in managing complex national and global accounts has refined our ability to develop unique customized solution to individual client needs.

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