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Offshore Services

Lionel India has developed a custom-designed program for management of offshore travel. Our portfolio of various online and offline technology tools is a key factor in our ability to deliver innovative travel management solutions to help you optimize your travel programs in terms of both itinerary routings and travel costs. We give you better control over offshore travel expenditures through cost-effective pricing, alternative routing and innovative strategies.

Offshore Ticket: Sometimes a good bet

Airlines often price international tickets based on what they perceive to be the ability of the market in each country to pay, rather than pricing strictly on mileage or operating costs. So it’s no surprise that tickets for identical trips – the same route, the same date, and the same class of service may cost more in one direction than another.

On occasion, travellers can cut their costs by carefully planning where they buy their tickets. Offshore ticketing occurs when a traveller buys a ticket somewhere other than his or her home country – a service that is facilitated by TSI's International Fares Department.