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Duty of Care

    Duty of Care is our priority! - Lionel India provide a range of 24hr travel safety solutions from traveller tracking through to data integration with specialist repatriation and corporate security firms such as iSOS, iJet, FrontierMedex etc. Through policy enforcement, advice, alerts & monitoring, we help you ensure safe & secure travel for your employees.

  • TRAVELLER COMFORT: Business trips are more comfortable & less stressful when you know that your company is monitoring & ensuring your safety

  • POLICY COMPLIANCE: Employees are more likely to use designated booking methods and suppliers when they know it offers added protection

  • REDUCED LIABILITY: A well-documented Duty of Care Program reduces corporate liability & demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being.

Our specific Duty of Care solutions include...

  • Traveller Safety & Awareness Training
  • Pre-Trip Processes that include Location Risk Criteria
  • Policy Benchmarking
  • E-Alerts that are Robust, Secure and Scalable – for any size of client
  • Country Reports
  • Live Traveller Location Mapping
  • Traveller Communication Platform & Portal Solution
  • Carrier Safety Reports