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Duty of Care

  • Duty of Care is our priority! - TSI provides a range of 24hr travel safety solutions from traveller tracking through to data integration with specialist repatriation and corporate security firms such iSOS, iJet, FrontierMedex etc. Through Policy Enforcement, Advice, Alerts & Monitoring, We help you ensure safer & more secure travel for your Employees.

  • TRAVELLER COMFORT: Ensuring Employee Peace of Mind- Business Trips are more comfortable & less stressful when you know that the Company is monitoring & ensuring your Safety

  • Increase Policy Compliance with Care-Employees are more likely to use designated booking Methods and Suppliers when they know it offers added Protection

  • REDUCED LIABILITY: TICK the Boxes & Enjoy the Rewards-A well-documented duty of Care Program reduces Corporate Liability & demonstrates a commitment to Employee well-being.

Our specific Duty of Care solutions include…

  • Traveller Safety & Awareness Training
  • Pre-Trip Processes that include Location Risk Criteria
  • Policy Benchmarking
  • E-Alerts Robust, Secure and Scalable – for any size of client
  • Country Reports
  • Live Traveller Location Mapping
  • Traveller Communications Platform & Portal Solution
  • Carrier Safety Reports